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New England Wildflower Society's Flora Novae Angliae

RRP $244.99

This comprehensive manual offers accurate, up-to-date, and clear information for identifying New England's remarkable array of tracheophytes (vascular plants, excluding mosses). With fully researched entries on some 3,500 native and nonnative species, the book is the first in decades to provide a complete and correct botanical reference for the region's noncultivated plants. The volume includes many new species not documented in New England before, while also excluding many species that have erroneously appeared in earlier manuals.

Focusing on the taxonomy and distribution of New England plants, the manual is largely dedicated to identification keys and to species entries that provide scientific name, origin, regional conservation ranking, common name, synonyms, distribution, ecology, and other miscellaneous items of interest. Nearly one-third of the entries are accompanied by helpful black-and-white line illustrations.

Additional special features:

  • Precise distribution information, accurate to the state level
  • Details on unusual plant groups not included in other sources
  • Reliable and versatile keys for identification
  • Tips on recognizing hybrid plants in the field
  • A companion interactive teaching Web site (under development)
  • Comprehensive glossary

Fairy Flora

RRP $25.99

Hello! I'm Iris, and this is my gardening journal.

There's no fairy in Pixie Hollow who knows more about growing plants than I do. Why, I'm a garden expert! And I have a lot of good advice to share with you and the other garden fairies. Pixie Hollow's garden talent fairies take readers into their magical world in this interactive picture book. Let Iris guide you through Lily's garden, the Home Tree, and Rosetta's beautiful blooms, while she teaches you all about the garden talents.

Learn what kinds of flowers grow in Rosetta's garden, what Lily's most troublesome plant is, and how the cure-all remedy for hay fever is made! And by planting the three special seed papers tucked inside envelopes on the pages of this charming book, readers can bring the magic of the Disney Fairies into their own gardens!

Flora Capensis 7 Volume Set In 10 Pieces

RRP $35.00

This seminal publication began life as a collaborative effort between the Irish botanist William Henry Harvey (1811-66) and his German counterpart Otto Wilhelm Sonder (1812-81). Relying on many contributors of specimens and descriptions from colonial South Africa - and building on the foundations laid by Carl Peter Thunberg, whose Flora Capensis (1823) is also reissued in this series - they published the first three volumes between 1860 and 1865. These were reprinted unchanged in 1894, and from 1896 the project was supervised by William Thiselton-Dyer (1843-1928), director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. A final supplement appeared in 1933. Reissued now in ten parts, this significant reference work catalogues more than 11,500 species of plant found in South Africa. Volume 1 opens with a preface which clarifies the project's original scope.


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