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Container Gardening 101

RRP $18.99

Hi, I'm Pauline Waldeck, I'm an Australian nursery owner and gardening enthusiast and I'm here to teach you exactly how to build a fantastic garden, and have fun while doing it! Be sure to claim the bonus content on offer in this book Here is a Preview Of What Container Gardening 101 contains:A look into what container gardening actually is Benefits of container gardening Things required to build a thriving container garden How to design your very own container garden How to correctly prepare your soil *A MUST READ* How to correctly select plants suitable How to maintain your container garden correctly Common pests and diseases explained, along with how to deal with them Common issues gardeners run into with container gardens And much, much more!

A Teen Guide To Eco-gardening, Food, And Cooking

RRP $19.99

"Eco-Guides are trendy, stylish books that give school-age readers realistic and practical advice on how they can live an eco-conscious life, right now. And that action can be taken by themselves, with their family, or as part of a school or community group. In this book, readers learn how to grow things in even the smallest of spaces, source eco-friendly food, think about water, energy and packaging waste, and prepare delicious dishes."

Raised Bed Gardening With Great Results

RRP $14.99

Raised bed gardening is not new but its popularity has taken a turn as many gardeners are experiencing excellent results. Having individual beds allows the gardener to have more control over pests, soil rotation and other elements needed to have a successful growing season.This book will help you start a very productive garden.


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