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The Alternative Tradition : A Study Of Unbelief In The Ancient World

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The Native Born; Or, The Rajah's People

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The woman lying huddled on the couch turned her face to the wall and covered it with her hands in a burst of uncontrollable horror. "Oh, that dreadful light!" she moaned. "If it would only go out! It will send me mad. Oh, if it would only go out-only go out!" Her companion made no immediate answer. She stood by the wall, her shoulders slightly hunched, her hands clasped before her in an attitude of fixed, sullen defiance. What her features expressed it was impossible to tell, since they were hidden by the deep shadow in which she had taken up her position. The rest of the apartment was lit with a grey, ghostly light, the reflection from the courtyard, in part visible through the open doorway, and which lay bathed in all the brilliancy of a full Indian moon.

Embracing An Alternative Orthodoxy

RRP $17.60

5- to 10-week study for adults and young adults with appealing video format that prompts engagement and response

Each participant uses his/her own journal for study and reflection

Newest installment in the successful Embracing series

Each program in this series features two components sold separately: (1) A DVD with five 10-15 minute presentations (one per group), in this case showing Fr. Richard Rohr interacting with a small group of adults, and (2) a participant workbook containing all the material needed by class participants as well as for the facilitator (one each). In this edition, Richard Rohr explores five topics central to Franciscan theology and practice:

  1. Atonement Theory
  2. Eco-Spirituality
  3. The Christ who Existed before Christianity
  4. Orthopraxy vs. Verbal Orthodoxy (Living Like Jesus)
  5. Mysticism over Moralism

DVD sold separately- item 846863020065


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