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Fundamental, Ecological And Agricultural Aspects Of Nitrogen Metabolism In Higher Plants

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Rinie Hofstra has been a member of the Department of Plant Physiology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, for 24 years. The nearer we came to 31 March 1985, her 65th birthday, the more we all realized how we would miss her - not only scientifically, but also socially. She left her mark on both research and teaching, always with an open mind and willing to change. After her PhD Thesis on 'Nitrogen Metabolism in Tomato Plants' she first continued working in that field, but soon started a joint project with the Department of Plant Ecology on hemiparasites. She then became involved in carbon metabolism, which resulted in her giving a Biotrop Course on C /C metabolism in 3 4 Indonesia. Her own research group, originally working on 'Nitrogen Metabolism', soon embraced 'Energy and Nitrogen Metabolism', as the research on respiration became more and more important. In running her group she showed all sides of her person. She used to stimulate and encourage everyone around her and to integrate the various lines of research. At the same time she always had an open mind for the opinion of all members of her group. And together they regularly criticized and evaluated the various projects and decided how to continue.

Genetically Engineered Plants As A Source Of Vaccines Against Wide Spread Diseases

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Genetically Engineered Plants as a Source of Vaccines Against Wide Spread Diseases: An Integrated View provides an integrated outlook of the disciplines involved in the development of plant-based vaccines as well as an updated compilation of the successful developments in the field. The volume covers immunological aspects of mucosal vaccine design, molecular approaches to attain high levels of the recombinant antigens, the rationale of using bioreactor to expand plant biomass, and pharmaceutical technology approaches that have been applied to the development of plant-based vaccine formulations. Practical figures and tables are presented to facilitate reading and identification of key points. Perspectives for this field are also discussed.

Written by authorities in the field, Genetically Engineered Plants as a Source of Vaccines Against Wide Spread Diseases: An Integrated View is a comprehensive resource for researchers and students interested in plant genetics and breeding, immunology, and genetic engineering.

Implants In The Esthetic Zone

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Written by a highly respected and innovative surgeon, this book presents an unconventional implant treatment strategy for the esthetic restoration of anterior teeth that has proven effective over years of clinical experience. In addition to reviewing biologic principles, treatment planning, indications, esthetic analysis, and prosthetic options, the author focuses on factors such as gentle tooth extraction, precise implant positioning, criteria for one- and two-stage implant placement, and most importantly, a wide range of soft tissue management techniques in his approach. This book also presents techniques to improve the esthetic outcome of any dental implant therapy, regardless of treatment strategy. With more than 4,000 clinical images and illustrations of all procedures and techniques discussed, this tour de force by a leader in implant dentistry raises the reader's awareness of the high demands of implant dentistry and how clinicians can achieve optimal results.


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